Today the stars aligned for a perfect day out on the bike at Legends MX. Although the terrain is very dusty, the scenery from this route is simply spectacular. This brand new 44km trail is packed with climbs, switchbacks and rich history in the hills, a perfect celebration for Heritage month. 

The pro riders went out guns blazing onto the trail, facing a steep climb at the beginning of the race. Tristan Nortje had more than a 30-seconds lead on both Philip and Wessel, close the finish Wessel Botha gained the extra miles and took the win. The gap between the three leaders was only 12-seconds, a very close race.  Robyn de Groot finished in style with a 4min 36sec lead in front of Kim le Court and Frances Janse van Rensburg. 

Preliminary Men’s Podium at Pursuit Challenge #2 Legends MX

  1. Wessel Botha – 1:32:39
  2. Tristan Nortje – 1:32:41
  3. Philip Buys – 1:32:51

Preliminary Women’s Podium at Pursuit Challenge #2 Legends MX

  1. Robyn de Groot – 1:46:21
  2. Kim Le Court – 1:50:57
  3. Frances Janse van Rensburg – 1:51:24

To all our partners, thank you for each and every contribution you made to the event, the goody bags are awesome and the riders can’t get enough of these amazing products. We would like to give a special thanks to Legends MX for this beautiful venue and unique trail that we were able to build.