We’re always looking for inspirational stories and people to follow. Jaedon Terlouw has definitely caught our attention when he couldn’t make the pro race on 08 September 2020 because he had to write exams that day. This youngster won his age category with an astonishing time of 1:37:35, just a few minutes short of Wessel Botha’s winning time. 

He has also won a 12-week coaching program with Philip Buys. 

The program includes access to training programs, tailored to your schedule and capabilities, with specific interval sessions, off the bike exercises and rider’s nutrition routines.

More detail here: https://www.africanmtbteam.com/coaching.html

Jaedon Terlouw Spur

“The Pursuit Challenge is a fantastic event, I really enjoyed it! The time trial format is interesting, it’s not my favourite but it is a different challenge which is always exciting. This year I have had a lot of time off due to COVID19, so my training this year has increased a bit, it is difficult sometimes but it’s all about time management. With the 12-week training program, I would like to get to a level in which I am able to compete with the elite riders and just improve as a rider in all aspects.” Jaedon Terlouw