We’re excited to be back on home ground in Pretoria Buffelsdrift Trail park with two new routes on offer. When we lay out our Pursuit Challenge routes we try to keep it interesting and fun and flowing.

Full Pursuit: 54km 650 Meter Elevation Gain

The 54km challenge starts out with the first split sign at 1.6km, don’t miss your turn! You go straight up the gnarliest climb in Buffelsdrift – F…Ockies climb, this should warm you up quickly, before turning in an opposite direction to usual, down the Rocks to Crocs trails that will make sure you are awake! We then take you up Spook bult, this should make you think: “What the hell did I get myself into?!” before going down the powerlines to the Selfie rock for one of the best views in Transvaal!

From the “Selfie rock” it’s all flat and fast!

You go down a fun flowing rocky single track to the Canal for a bit of a breather, then into the Magic forest single track next to the Pienaars River.

At 20km you will go past the first self-help water point if you feel you need some more fluids, just after the water point is your second route split!! Keep your eyes open!

You then turn onto the Nguni route but we’ve reworked the directions to make for a unique layout of the open fun farm roads with all the koppies in at the end. At 40km you will be at the second self-help water station, 14km’s to go, your choice!

Home is in sight, vasbyt as you have some fun flowing trails to take you home, make them count!

Pursuit Half: 21km 270m elevation gain

The 21km half starts out the same way as the 54km, however, at 1.6km you will go straight, keep your eyes open for the split signs. You will go up Spook bult the longest climb but “easiest climb” in Buffelsdrift to take you to the Power lines trail heading to the “Selfie Rock ” Take a breather and enjoy the view!

The trail going down there might be technical and intimedating for you but don’t stress let your bike do the work and free flow all the way to the bottom, before you know it you will be cruising next to the Canal and into the Magic forest trails next to the Pienaars River.

At 15km you will go past a self help waterpoint if you need to hydrate and enjoy some shade. Just after this point there is another split, make sure you go straight otherwise you are in for a long day!

Fun flowing trails take you home for a well deserved drink at the finish!