We have a few basic rules all participants need to adhere to

Mountain bike Rules

Rule #1: Respect the rules

We expect all cyclists to respect the basic rules like wearing a helmet, don’t cross the road without looking 3 times, don’t cheat and look out for other riders.

Rule #2: Don’t be a jackass

All the routes are designed in mountain bike parks or public spaces where other riders or athletes are present. Keep a lookout for them and respect the roads.

Rule #3: Submit your timing within 12 hours

Join our Strava group @PursuitChallenge. Submit your result within 12 hours of finishing. If your time is not submitted within the timeframe, you will receive a DQ. The reason behind this is to keep the pursuit alive and the results current and competitive. 

Rule #4: You can redeem yourself

If today wasn’t your day, you can come back tomorrow and try again. Purchase a day entry at the bike park and inform us at result@pursuitchallenge.co.za about your second attempt and we’ll update your results accordingly. 

Rule #5: Harden The F*ck Up

As stated in the Velominati. If today wasn’t your day, come back again tomorrow stronger and better.

Rule #6: No Drafting

Keep a distance of at least 7m from the rider in front of you. You have a gap of 15-seconds to pass the rider in front. This is to ensure a fair race for all. Remember rule #2.

Rule #7: Self serve

You can do this pursuit on your own time, with your own race fuel and timing. Basics will be set in place but it’s up to each rider to make sure they have all the necessary equipment and nutrition to complete the whole distance.

Rule #8: Follow the route

Each rider will receive the GPS files for the route. Basic route markings will be in place, make sure you study the route and load onto your GPS device. 

If you’re no longer on the route, return to the previous marked board and continue from there.  We have a panel of judges who will help correct your time should there be issues.

Rule #9: No outside assistance

No spectators or support on route allowed. You should plan to carry everything with you at all times. 

Rule #10: Enjoy the pursuit

The most important rule of all. Enjoy the journey and pursuit.

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